Echelon II™ from Ameristar® is truly a level above the competitors’ fences in meeting these market needs. Ameristar’s ForeRunner™ rail technology, employing an internal retaining rod to invisibly and securely attach pickets to rails without exposed fasteners, provides the smooth “good neighbor” symmetry necessary for the elegant look desired in a high-exposure application. The architectural shape of the rail extrusion gives it a strength greater than most steel fence rails, while the internal rod and raceway slide give it the added capability to follow grade changes of up to 25%. Readily available supply in a popular range of styles and colors, makes Echelon II™ an unbeatable industrial aluminum ornamental fence solution for site planners and landscape designers.

Aegis Plus® has the strength of most industrial steel fences combined with a surface finish that makes it essentially maintenance-free. All Aegis Plus® panels, including those with ornamental rings, are free of welds and also free of unsightly external fasteners. Aegis Plus® is available in four colors: black, white, bronze, and desert sand.

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